SUMMARY: FC-AL disk firmware upgrade - 106129-12

From: Chandrasekhar Kalle (
Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 13:23:47 CDT

I got two replies to this, but I tested this
out myself on a test system, and it worked

Thanks everyone!

Here are the replies:

From: Ravi Kuppanna <>
To: "'Chandrasekhar Kalle'" <>
Subject: RE: FC-AL disk firmware upgrade - 106129-12
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 00:54:05 -0500
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You didn't say what kind of Veritas control. If you are using
mirroring or RAID-5, things may be easier than if you were striping only.
Other combinations also make it easier.
For a more comprehensive and details steps, check out the Veritas mailing
list archive at:

Also, point your news-reader client to and
subscribe yourself to your newsgroup of choice and ask this question to a
very specific Veritas crowd.

Ravi Kuppanna
iChoose, Inc.

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Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 07:42:31 -0400
Subject: Re: FC-AL disk firmware upgrade - 106129-12
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From: Mike Salehi

You do not need to unconfigure, if you have a jumpstart server do boot net
-s ;
You can also boot cdrom -s (but this may not be guarateed to work at
anyrate you will
not modify your veritas.



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=> => =>I want to upgrade firmware on ST19171FC 9GB disks in =>two A5100 arrays. There are 28 disks in total, =>and the current FW revision on them is 177E. (Some =>are at 6B7E. => =>The disks are all in Veritas' control- most of them =>are members of a large Volume, and some are =>being used for swap volumes. => =>I want to use the download program available in patch =>106129-12 for this. => =>The documentation with this patch says I should =>first UNCONFIGURE (!!!) my disks from Veritas =>control before upgrading the disk firmware. =>Now this I have never done before and am =>scared to do. => =>So what I want to do, instead, is to boot my =>system (E4500) using CD or Network, and then =>run the 'download' program of patch 106129-12 =>to upgrade my disks. => =>My thought is this should work because the =>only thing we dont want to happen before =>or while upgrading the disks is access trials =>from applications, including Veritas. I believe =>this meets the Patch Installation requirements =>of 106129-12 (disks out of Veritas control) =>and is safer than unconfiguring the disks, =>deporting the Volume, upgrading the disks, =>and reconfiguring again. => =>The question is: Will this work? Are there =>any risks attached with my approach? => =>As usual, I will summarize. => =>TIA, => =>Chandra

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