SUMMARY: Sun Clustering

From: Luc Michaud (
Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 12:18:46 CDT

sorry for the delay...

original question :

New to Solaris, got to deliver ASAP a ~3TB cluster of 2*E4500 NFS/CIFS
servers w/VxVM + VxFS. Even with DR/AP, clustering is required to meet
Looked through the sun-managers archive, and need some fresh info on :
a) What is the state of the union regarding HA Clusters of NFS/CIFS ?
b) What's your relative take on current and future positioning of
   VCS vs SunCluster vs Qualix/Legato for Clustering of file servers ?
c) Anyone got some kind of close-to-concurrent "ClusterFS" carrot that we
   can safely chew on now (or really really soon) ?
Pls reply to my personal address, I'm post a summary here within 2 weeks.
Thxs !

Thanks go to Richard and Kelly.

replies :
Richard Bond <> :
Best info I have says use VCS.
We will be upgrading shortly, decision based on folks we
talked to.

"McDonald, Kelly G" <> :
What disk vendor will you be using? If you use other than SUN, it is a real
pain to get thru thier approval process. We are implementing a Sun cluster
using EMC and hard a very hard time getting it approved.

personal summary :

We've decided to go with Veritas Cluster Server, as we are going to be
primarily using their VxVM, VxFS, VxSMB, Oracle QuickIO, and even possibly
switching from Legato to NetBackup.

It enables clusters of up to 32 hosts, and supports more non-Sun subsystems.
Furthermore, Veritas is going more and more with interesting technology, such
as Clustered Filesystems, and transparent multi-platform VM/FS structures.

SunCluster 3.0 is about to be released if I recall correctly, and does have
nice features. However, we were not willing to be on the bleeding edge, nor
to be 100% SoS-bound (Sun-on-Sun).

So, even though we're going with Sun T3 (through STK, as the 9175) FC RAID
storage boxes, we are going with VCS. Still going through the internal
approval process though. :(

Hope this helps, Steve's request for Clustering help did remind me of that
long overdue summary.

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