SUMMARY: NON EMERGENCY Jaz disk question

From: Wesley Suess (
Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 09:00:11 CDT

Thanks to everyone who replied to my question (which is at the end of
this message).

'mtools' is the winner, hands down, for maintaining and using one's jaz
or zip disk with Solaris/Linux for cross platform file transfers
(between Linux/Solaris and the MS-DOG world). Mtools can be found at The source downloaded quickly and
compiled without any problems on a Generic Solaris 2.7 (8/99) Ultra 5.
There is also a link on the 'mtools' site to a graphical front end
called 'mfm' You'll need the GKT+ libraries, but this also worked on the
solaris system flawlessly.

Thanks again,

On 24.Jul.2000 -- 04:03 PM, Wesley Suess wrote:
> I know you can format a floppy under solaris using 'fdformat', but it
> refuses to work on the Jaz drive (specifying device to format and note

> default floppy drive)...
> Any tips would be helpful.

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