SUMMARY: cannot load module se

From: Sun Sweet (
Date: Mon Jul 24 2000 - 21:11:50 CDT

I only get one reply and special thanks to
Casper Dik <>

The se driver is the left over from Solaris 2.6.
What I'm going to do is to copy the se from the
2.7 os cdrom to my os disks or do a pkgrm SUNWpd and
then pkgadd the new SUNWpd to my disks. Thanks.

> >Dear Sun Managers,
> >
> >I've an Ultra-1 with Solaris 2.6 3/98 running X.25
> ver
> >9.1. Today, I just did a OS upgrade (not fresh
> >installation) to Solaris 7 11/99. After the
> upgrade,
> >during the booting up,I get the warning messages:
> >/kernel/drv/se: undefined symbol 'dki_cond_wait'
> >/kernel/drv/se: undefined symbol
> 'dki_cond_wait_sig'
> >/kernel/drv/se: undefined symbol
> 'dki_cond_broadcast'
> >/kernel/drv/se: undefined symbol 'dki_cond_alloc'
> >warning: mod_load: cannot load module 'se'
> >
> >I had installed the recommended patches and X.25
> >patches but no help. In the /etc/system, there is
> no
> >forceload of this driver. "ls /kernel/drv/se" is
> >showing se is there. Can someone out there shed a
> >light on this what is going wrong? How to get rid
> of
> >this messages?

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