Summary: Solaris 8 installation woes

From: Dave Sill (
Date: Mon Jul 24 2000 - 12:40:19 CDT

I wrote:

>I installed Solaris 8 on a SPARCstation 5 with an external non-Sun 9
>GB drive. Everything went smoothly until it finished and I clicked on
>"Reboot Now". The reboot failed with:
>Short read. 0x2000 chars read
>disk read error
>boot: cannot find misc/krtld

Casper Dik and others pointed out that the problem was that the root
partition extended past the 2 GB point. He also provided the following
snippet from the FAQ. (In my defense, I did do several Google searches
before posting my query to the list.)

The solaris FAQ says:

5.60) I installed Solaris on a big disk, but now booting fails.

Due to limitations in Openboot PROMs, you can't boot any of the 32bit SPARCs (sun4c, sun4m, sun4d) from a root partition that has parts lying beyond the 2GB mark on a SCSI disk.

On systems with really old PROMs (revision 2.5 or less) you need to make the root partition smaller than 1GB.

The Ultra PROMs are capable of this, but Solaris prior to version 2.6 also has a bug which effectively prevents Ultras from booting from large root partitions too. Patch 103640-08 or later fixes this for Solaris 2.5.1, so later 2.5.1 HW releases should be OK too.

Typical error messages include:

bootblk: can't find the boot program boot: cannot find misc/krtld Short read. 0x2000 chars read Read error.

--- end of excerpt from the FAQ

The most recently posted version of the FAQ is available from <> ----

Thanks to all who responded.


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