SUMMARY: Fw: Sun Microsystems and Fujitsu

From: Erin Jones (
Date: Mon Jul 24 2000 - 12:10:18 CDT

Hey all,

Consensus was that yes solaris should run on fujitsu machines but will not
be supported. Thanx to all who responded.
here are some of the interesting responses:

From: "Roger Fujii" <>
: Solaris is based on SVR4, which was a joint venture between Sun and AT&T.
: Where is guy is getting his 'info' on is beyond me. It may be Fujitsu
: bought part of NCR which may have worked with Sun getting solaris up
: on their boxes, but to say "solaris UNIX kernel is a joint..." would
: be an enormous exaggeration.

From: "O'Yang Kai" <>
: I'm not certain that Fujitsu developed Solaris Kernel with Sun, but
: there are some facts:
: 1. Fujitsu bought out Ross which used to design HyperSparc.
: 2. There are Fujitsu-Siemens brand Sparc boxes (I think GP7000F)
: that you can buy from Fujitsu-Siemens and they run on Solaris.
: 3. Fujitsu Micronelectronics is a Sparc processor manufacturer.

From: "Matthew Stier" <>
: The SunOS 1 through 4 kernels were based upon the code out of Berkeley.
: SunOS 5 code (commonly mis-labeled Solaris) is based on AT&T code.
: However, Fujitsu was instrumental in the development of the first SPARC
: processors, and is a source of the processors, and many other parts, for
: workstations and servers. Fujitsu's licensing does permit it to build and
: sell SPARC compatible systems. HAL Computer Systems, a Fujitsu subsidary,
: sells SPARC based system in the US. (
: Disclaimer: Having been a Sun employee, and currently being a Fujitsu
: employee, I was in now way directly involved with the development of the
: 5 operating system, nor the SPARC processor. The above are strickly my
: recollection of events.

From: <>
: I've never heard anything like that. This coming from a compoany which
: lost nearly one Billion dollars in a lawsuit brought by IBM for stealing
: code on the IBM mainframe (Fujitsu was so bright, they left the comments
: in!). I do know that Fujitsu makes chips which Sun uses and I have heard
: that there is a Fujitsu CPU which will run Solaris. If the guy telling
: this is from Fujitsu I wouldn't trust him too far (besides, he's
: by definition he's full of it!). They are, in my own personal opinion, a
: sleazy company to deal with.

From: "Christopher L. Barnard" <>
: For sparc5s, anyway, "sun" proccessors are actually Fujitsu.

From: "Toens Bueker" <>
: This shows a E450 in the 'Fujitsu-Siemens' flavour. It
: runs Solaris and they claim, that they won't have
: upgrading problems with new processors in these machines
: (as Sun will, with the new UltraSparc III).

From: Bertrand HUTIN
Fujistu Siemens sells Sparc powered computers running sparcSolaris.
have a look at : Fujistsu Siemens GP7000 Sparc
We had one here for a demo, running Solaris 8.

: > -----Original Message-----
: > From: Erin Jones []
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: > Subject: Sun Microsystems and Fujitsu
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: >
: > hey all,
: > I have a marketing guy telling me this:
: >
: > >erin, many people don?t realize that the Solaris UNIX
: > kernel is a joint
: > >development of Sun Microsystems and Fujitsu.
: >
: > can anybody confirm or deny this. is anybody running solaris
: > sparc on a
: > fujistu machine?
: >
: > thx
: > ej

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