SUMMARY: Jetadmin and Postscript

From: Sam Don (
Date: Fri Jul 21 2000 - 13:38:52 CDT

Hi all,

Frank's email was the first I got. That resolved my problem. I did not get a
chance to try out Christophe's solution, but my thanks to both!

Original post:

>I have an HP LaserJet 5si which has a SunOS 4.1.4 machine as it's print
>I need to move it to machine PS, which is Solaris 2.5.1. PS already has
>jetadmin, and a plotter working off of it. When I try to add the laser jet,
>the test print prints postscript on 11x17 (the longer paper). Manpage of
>net_lj5x says that PS portrait prints on 11x17. How do I get it to print on
>the standard sized paper?
>Here's how I set it up:
>jetadmin -> Add printer to local spooler:
> 1) Lp destination (queue) name [ps]
> 2) Status log [(No log)]
> 3) Queue class [(not assigned)]
> 4) JobMonitor [ON]
> 5) Default queue [NO]
> Configurable Parameters: Current Settings
> ------------------------ ----------------
> 1) Model Script: [net_lj5x]
> 2) Default Printing Language [AUTO]
> 3) Job Recovery [ON]
> 4) True End-of-Job [ON]
> 5) Banner Page [OFF]
> 6) PostScript Level [Level 2]

Frank Velazquez <>

I had the same problem. I got around it by editing the model file located
in /etc/lp/interfaces/model.orig

Change the line:
  paper = "def"
  paper = "letter"

Christophe DIARRA <>

Did you tried :

       3) Administration (super-user only):
            - manage HP printer, JetDirect
        1) LaserJet 4000 Remote Configuration Utility
         8) Page Configuration
         1) Default Paper Size.........[ISO and JIS A4]

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