SUMMARY: removing old tapes (boot -r really necessary?)

From: Daniel Muiņo (
Date: Fri Jul 21 2000 - 11:32:12 CDT

        Unfortunately I had to reboot the system. The only answer I got was
from Adam Levin <>. He said that unpluggin SCSI
cables was not supported by the SCSI spec and I could have fried my
controllers. If you change things connected to a system via cables,
you must reboot.

        Thankfully nothing bad happened.


Original Post:
> I am trying to remove some tapes from my system because I'm seeing
> them from two different controllers after a cable switch. Rebooting
> would be very inconvenient, so I tried:
> Unplug all SCSI cables from the system to the tapes.
> rm /devices/ where the st@ are.../*
> rm /dev/rmt/*
> drvconfig && devlinks && tapes && echo ok
> --> ok
> Now I see the tapes in one controller but not in the other... So I
> deleted them from /etc/path_to_inst, but after rerunning the previous
> commands the tapes are still there.
> Then I tried to remove the st driver (rem_drv st), but the driver is
> busy.

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