SUMMARY: Sun PCi + Solaris 8

Date: Fri Jul 21 2000 - 07:54:37 CDT


Ultra 60 (new)
Solaris 7 11/99 upgraded to Solaris 8
Sun PCi card in the PCI 66 slot

My original problem was that it appeared that after upgrading to Solaris 8
the Sun PCi card stopped booting. The source of the problem was the foam
padding on the inside of the case cover pressing against the DIMM and
pushing the DIMM out of the socket.

I installed Solaris 7 11/99 on another disk and the card started working
again. However, the difference in my experiment was that I left the case
cover off while installing Solaris 7. After replacing the cover the card
stopped working in Solaris 7.

As it turns out, the foam padding on the side cover presses against the
DIMM slot closest to the top of the card, dislodging it enough that it
prevents the card from booting. On visual inspection it does not appear
that the DIMM has been pushed out of the slot but after re-seating the
DIMM it becomes operational again. The solution was to trim some of the
foam padding (1.5cm wide x 3mm deep) from the case cover so that the foam
holds the PCi card firmly but doesn't press against the DIMM.

It is a very good idea to replace the case cover while the unit is resting
on the table flat, not on its rubber feet. The length and weight of the
PCi card causes it to droop slightly without the case cover and foam
supporting it. Putting the cover on while the machine is laying flat
keeps it straight.

Hope this helps!

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