SUMMARY: Update: Memory addressing

From: Jeff Kennedy (
Date: Thu Jul 20 2000 - 11:33:52 CDT

My bad. Enough people asked about the swap limitation and whether or
not it was 2gb for swap in total or a single swap file being 2gb. The
answer is a single swap file being 2gb. You could have 4 swap files of
2gb each if you wanted.


Jeff Kennedy wrote:
> So, here's how it works.
> Solaris can address a boat-load of memory, replies have stated systems
> running with up to 64gb and Casper stated that they don't sell systems
> with memory that isn't usable. So whatever the max that Sun systems can
> hold can be addressed. Swap space is a different story; 2gb for 2.5.1,
> 4gb for 2.6 and 7 in 32-bit mode, 4+ for 7 in 64-bit mode and 8.
> 32-bit processes can address not quite 4gb (call it 4 for practical
> purposes) and 64-bit processes on a 64-bit OS can address more.
> The short answer is; Solaris will address all the memory you can put in
> the box, no matter what version. If you're wondering why a 32-bit
> process can only address 4gb and a 32-bit OS can address much more than
> that it's because of the MMU (memory management unit) that Sun uses. If
> you want details on that you'll have to look elsewhere. :-}
> Special Thanks goes to Casper Dik (isn't that often the case?) for
> explaining in detail how it happens.
> Also thanks to:
> Chris O'Malley Ravi Channavajhala
> Mike DeMarco Nickolai Zeldovich
> Paul Yahnig Dave Foster
> A.D. Dunham Danny Johnson
> Kevin Buterbaugh Frank Smith
> ~JK
> Jeff Kennedy wrote:
> >
> > A quick question about Solaris 7 and the memory it can address. I was
> > asked if Solaris 7 would address 4 gb's RAM and I said yes. Then I
> > thought, "I better double check .....".
> >
> > I was willing to bet my paycheck on it and still am but I like to cover
> > all bases when possible. We have several 420's that are loaded, that's
> > what they are wondering about.
> >
> > Thanks.
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