SUMMARY: StarOffice 5.2 Installation

From: Stuart Little (
Date: Wed Jul 19 2000 - 10:25:58 CDT

Original question:-
> When installing StarOffice 5.2 on Solaris from the downloadable version
> the installation instructions aren't exactly accurate. In order to
> install a network server version you need to pass '-net' to the setup
> program. But the downloadable binary e.g. so-5_2-ga-bin-solsparc-en.bin
> ran setup immediately and doesn't pay any attention to any arguments
> given. At first I thought this was a way to force people to buy the
> CD but you simply need to start the binary then save the directory
> in /tmp containing the extracted setup files to elsewhere, then
> exit the installation.
> You could now run the setup program with the -net option,
> from the directory you saved.
> Question is how can I do the same on a Windows 2000 box? I can't find
> a temp directory that I can save....
 As pointed out by Bernt Christandl <beb@MPA-Garching.MPG.DE> I was
 incorrect in assuming that the -net option was being ignored.
 All is OK now...doing too many things at once again I guess :-(

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