SUMMARY: Finding an alternate host? DNS?

From: Seth Rothenberg (
Date: Wed Jul 19 2000 - 09:13:58 CDT

Thanks to
     mark cormier <>
    "Perrier,Kent - PLANO" <>

and to
    Matthew Stier <>
who suggested I look into clustering.

I think I am going to combine that idea with the IP aliasing
I mentioned in my post.....

I can allocate IP addresses on my private network for each SNA
functionality that I want. I can then use Cluster management
scripts to figure out which hosts can really offer those services
(eg, rsh proddg '(cd /opt/SUNWpu21; ./sunop -c dis)' )
Then, my service management script can configure the private
interface of that host to have the virtual IP of that service.

My /hosts file could then remain the same on the whole cluster.
This scheme does not require the SNA-providing server to be a member
of the cluster, since the management can be done remotely.


>>> "Seth Rothenberg" <> 07/17/00 10:45AM >>>
We use SunLink SNA to communicate with an IBM mainframe.
Currently, the primary Sun server has a direct connection to the IBM,
and I configure the application to use "localhost". I would like to
set up two workstations with a direct connection on each, and give
the workstations aliases "sna1" and "sna2".
Then, I would change the application to use the SNA server on host "sna1" or "sna2"

However, I would really like to automate the failover between sna1 and sna2.
I would set up the applicaiton to use "sna" as the name,
and then one workstation or the other could serve that role - which one responds
would be controlled by outside tests.

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