SUMMARY: Jukebox control for Solaris

Date: Mon Jul 17 2000 - 09:17:11 CDT

Thanks to the following for their replies.

Francois Marcos
David Beauoin
Kell Canty
Keith Hermansader
Brett Anthony
Torsten Kirschner

I have listed several URLs of useful sites to obtain jukebox related
software. However many of the products mentioned did not directly address my
problem which was to be able to get status information on what slots in the
inport/export area were full/empty. David Beaudoin inadvertently led me to
the answer I wanted. In the /etc/LGTOuscsi directory there's a binary call
sjirdtag which obtains element status for all parts of the jukebox. I have
been using this for a Legato implementation on Compaq Tru64 so I know this
works. I've attached a piece of code that makes sense of what sjirdtag
returns in order to allow it to be used in a script. The sjirdtag binary
requires the address of the control port, e.g. scsidev@10.1.0.


Useful URLs

This piece of code requires the control port name to be specified (In this
piece of code it is specified in $JBCONTROLPORT). The output from the
sjirdtag command is then formatted into a user friendly output depending on
which parameter is specified.

        case "$1" in
                TYPE="DATA TRANSPORT"
                TYPE="MEDIA TRANSPORT"
                echo "Usage: `basename $0` -d(rives)|s(lots)|h(and)|c(ap)"

        typeset -i ELEM
        exec 0<$SJIRDTAGFILE
        while read P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 P7 P8
                if [ "$P1 $P2" = "Tag Data" ]

                if [ "$P7" = "${TYPE}:" ] || [ "$P7 $P8" = "${TYPE}:" ]

                if [ "$CORRECTSECTION" = true ]
                        if [ "$EXPECTCODE" = true ]
                                if [ -n "`echo $P1 | grep ^VolumeTag`" ]
                                        BARCODE=`echo $P1 | cut -c12-30`
                                        echo $ELEM $BARCODE
                                        echo $ELEM NO-BARCODE

                        if [ -n "`echo $P1 | grep ^Elem`" ]
                                ELEM=`echo $P1 | cut -c6-8`
                                if [ "$P4" = 'med_pres=0' ] || [ "$P7" =
'full=0' ]
                                        echo $ELEM EMPTY
        rm -f $SJIRDTAGFILE

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