SUMMARY: SCSI adapters for PCI-based UltraSparc 10

From: L. T. Lee (
Date: Fri Jul 14 2000 - 11:40:29 CDT

Thank you all. Here is the summary:

Paramasivam, Meenakshisundaram" < suggest:
X4067 PCI/SCSI host adapater for ultra-10 sold by Sun 1-800-786-0404.
This is a dual channel scsi card, comes with 2 cables (VHDCI to 68pin).

Philip P. Dixon <> wrote:
Single-channel, Single-ended UltraSCSI Host Adapter, PCI Part Number:
X5010A. It's offered for $199.00

Suresh Rajagopalan <> posted:
We use products from Antares and Intraserver, both work fine. The former
is based on the Symbios chipset.

Robert Johannes <> sent:
Have you looked into antare's symbios adapters? They are pci, and
pretty well supported (as opposed to the 2940UW/OFF.
Try contacting marc at (

David H. Brierley <> said:
I had a lot of problems getting a 2940 to work in an ultra-10 and finally
gave up and used the Sun controller. I know the controller itself was
good because it had been previously used in an ultra-5 with no problems.
It just didn't want to play in the ultra-10. Of course, the u-5 was
running 2.6 and the u-10 is running 7 so that may have contributed to
the problem as well.

Thomas Leitner <> wrote:
I bought an el-cheapo Symbios logic controller for a PC. It works
flawlessly in our Sparc 10 under Solaris 7. The exact product number
of our controller is:

        I/O 53C875

it seems to be a no-name brand.

"Wieland Stubinger" <> suggested:
You can use the Symbios Logic 8751 which uses an LSI Logik 53C875 chip
which is directly supported bye the OpenBootROM

Al Hopper <> voiced:
Use a Symbios SYM8751SPE ( Symbios was acquired by LSI
some time ago. You can buy these directly through Insight Electronics in
small quantities only with a credit card for around $120. This card will
work with the built-in glm drivers that come with your Sun box and
performance is better than the adaptec cards.

Contract Carolyn Golash at Insight Electronics @ 1-888-677-3135

PS: There are other Symbios cards if you need/want dual channels etc.

Russ Poffenberger <> informed:
You can see all the Sun and third party cards compatible with Suns at

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