SUMMARY: in.named taking up a lot of memeory.

From: Marcus Dillury (
Date: Thu Jul 13 2000 - 04:53:09 CDT

Managers, sorry about the delay, I was trying other solutions and spent
about a week monitoring the process, and after that I am confident the
problem has been fixed.

1st of all I tried to limit the size of the cache to 256Mb, this didn't
work, it just made the problem worce by causing it to crash.
I scraped that idea.

I looked through patch descriptions on sunsolve, and found the following


After monitoring the

These had the following problem discriptions,

Problem Description:

4208656 in.named 8.1.2 panics - Not enough space failed.
##This one may explain why when limiting cache it would crash, but I am no
expert here and am probably wrong :-)

4284409 libresolv does not protect itself from netscape provided poll

(from 106938-03)

4299852 four vulnerabilities have been found in BIND.

(from 106938-02)

4211042 Bind 8.1.2 in.named memory leak in Solaris 7
##This I presume is the fix to in.named taking up 800+ MB of memory.

(from 106938-01)

4134616 in.named can hang when calling res_mkquery

Thanks to all those who replied to my original question (below)

> > We are running Sol7 and we are using this box our local DNS and also
> > hosting delgeted domains to this box also. This problem has only just
> > startded to come about. The named deamon starts taking up as much as 800M
> > of memory. When this occurs I stop the deamon and then start it again and
> > this solves the problem for about a week until the problems comes
> > back. We have not been getting unusual amount of traffic through our
> > servers. Also I am unable to find any problems in the logs.
> > Any ideas would be appreciated.

Marcus Dillury
Unix Systems Administrator		Use the force - read the source
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