SUMMARY: "boot cdrom" on Netra t1 model 105

From: Enrique Vadillo (
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 18:14:22 CDT

Original Post:
I'm using a Netra t1 model 105 which has an internal CDROM unit, it
currently has Solaris 7 installed.
When i have tried to boot from the cdrom using 'boot cdrom' at the 'ok'
prompt, i have obtained boot error messages, then while going thru the
Netra t1 'Release Notes' i found in the section 'Using the CDROM' this:
        "After applying patch 108620-04 you should use the commands
        outlined in this section to boot from CD-ROM"
        then type:
        | ok boot cdrom |
That 108620-04 patch (or 108620-*) does not exist on
nor exists on
Any ideas why my internal Netra t1 server cannot boot from CDROM?

Got 2 Responses:
Len Rose <>
I located it on sunsolve..
If you need the patch tell me, and I'll mail it to you.

Krongard, Aaron <>
Enrique, Take another look on Sunsolve...
  Patch-ID# 108620-04
  Keywords: Netra t1 Standalone User PROM
  Synopsis: Hardware/PROM: Netra t1 Standalone User PROM Update
  Date: Feb/10/00

Len Rose sent me the patch and i could finally use my Netra t1 internal CDROM



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