SUMMARY (no solution) Re: Ultra10 ans Sparc5 will NOT boot from Solaris8 cd!

From: Janis Lykakis (
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 07:58:16 CDT

Original Question:

> Howdi Sunmanagers.
> We've got a problem.
> We have an Ultra10/333Mhz machine, many PCI scsi cards and a QFE card.
> It will NOT boot from Solaris 8. The only thing it says is:
> "Fast Data Access MMU Miss"
> A sparc5/85 with no special cards does the exact same thing.
> Any clues?

I got a few answers, nothing worked. We received a new machine
to replace the 10/333 (we got a 10/440). That one would install,
but that one crashed all the time.
So the problem still exists!

Thanks anyway to the ones that looked into my problem:

The answers I got:

>Bertrand HUTIN:
>use the install CD instead of the Solaris 8 1 of 2.

Been there, done that. We tried all bootable cd's, to no avail. :-(


>Solaris 2.6 causes the same kind of error because that version is not
>designed to use fast cpu modules (>333 MHz). It is really strange that
>Solaris 8 gives that kind of error, really strange such that error looks
>something different than I mentioned.
> Anyway, you might try to use Operating Environment Install CD or just
>Install CD of Solaris 8. Did you first try the Software 1/2 or Install CD? I
>never install Solaris 8 but trying first Software 1/2 instead of Install CD
>might cause this error.
> If the above does not hold, try this: At the ok prompt, before "boot
>cdrom", write:
> limit-ecache-size
>and then proceed as usual.

I think "limit-ecache-size" is a "enterprise" command that does not work
on an Ultra10, so that won't help.

>N S Jayashankar:
This should be a problem with the memory I think . Please check out

I don't think so. The machine has been running sol2.5.1 for more than
one year now, no memmory problems found.

>GC-Richardson, Chris:
Which disk are you booting from? Be sure to use disk 1 of 2

Tried them all.

>Alan Orndorff
Theres a new bios on Sunsolve. Mine HAD revision 1, revision 2 fixed it

THIS we haven't tried yet!

Janis Lykakis. E-mail:
CVSI(4Front) Unix Consultant

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