Summary: Solaris 7 complaining about compatibility on Sparc 10 MP

From: Toby A. Rider (
Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 15:58:05 CDT

        Okay, here's the summary on the bad news about my little Ross mbus
module, as quoted from a dialogue I had with Casper Dik:

"Toby A. Rider" wrote:

> Yup, it's got two CPU's on it and some cache. I have a bad feeling that
>it's an SM100. That's bad, because those are slow, lame boards that were
>for the 600-series.. Maybe you can confirm this. The part numbers on the
>mbus connector: 3701388029052 underneath that it had 40 01 9235 -08 Rev.
> On the underside it has 370-1388. The board is stamped with CYM6002K.
>Thanks so much for your help.

"Casper Dik" wrote:

Yep, 370-1388 is the SM100 module; two CPUs, 4MHz. Officially only
supported in the Sun 4/6x0 VME/Sbus systems but they also
work in SS10s/SS20s.

Support was removed from Solaris 2.6 together with all otehr 4/6x0
though you could get the beasts to run with SuperSPARC modules
and some kernel patches. Rev -08 are teh only ones that run SMP in
Solaris 2.1-2.5.1


Thanks to:

Casper Dik
Michael Hanson
Scott Iseminger

The original question:

> Hello Fellow Administrators,
> I just built another Sparc 10, I put a Ross module in this one, it's
> part number is: MIL07/9251. When it boots, it shows up as a Sparc 10 mp
> (2x602b) with prom 2.25 and 128 megs of ram.
> When I go to install Solaris 7 on it, it complains "This version of
> Solaris does not support this hardware". I did some searching around on
> the Sun site, the archives for this list and the newgroups to try to
> find some info. on whether this Ross module is supported or if possibly
> something is weird with the box.
> I decided maybe to try installing Solaris 2.6 on it to see if maybe it
> was supported under 2.6 but one of my co-workers borrowed the 2.6 CD.
> Grrr... :-) So I installed Linux on there, and it likes the processors
> on the Ross module just fine. This only tells me that the hardware works
> fine. What I really want on there is Solaris.
> Does anyone know of any compatibility issues with the particular
> hardware setup on this box, and if so, what the workarounds are? Thanks
> alot!
> Toby A. Rider
> Systems Administrator - Unix
> Magnet Interactive -
> "Changing The Way You Work On The Web"

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