SUMMARY: Solstice Backup + Windows 2000 + future

From: Andrew Watkins (
Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 05:52:35 CDT

Hello, [ The original question at end]

Some interest feedback, but first of all no true answer.

1) Some did say that Sun were going to drop Solstice backup and sell the true
Legato version, so that would be the end of Suns
modified version and would give (us) a more upto date version.

I have contacted Sun (UK) about this and as yet they have not come back to me,
but did say since Sun have built a strong relationship with Veritas and Legato
did not want to be left out.

2) Some one said don't go for Solstice and go for ArcServeIT, since they have
good throughput with a little tweaking and a 1GBit ethernet.

3) It was suggested to get the Client pack from Legato, since the newest
version 5.7 (W2k & NT) would work on Legato 5.5.1 (Solstice). Good idea.
My mananger would not like this, since he would be worried about dealing with
two companies!

4) Veritas is a no go, since the software really requires a BAR-CODE library.
Without one, it is not possible for the software to know what tapes you have
in the device.
THERE IS NO INVENTORY OPTION (Legato and ARCserveIT do have one)

I am still not sure what I will do - if I have a choice at the end of the
day!!. I am waiting for Sun to get back to me and if it is a good answer,
then I will go for Solstice with support, so that I get the upgrade.
Otherwise, it may be Legato 5.5.2 on NT then ARCserveIT (Solstice is cheaper
than Legato on NT)

Thanks to every one who replied.

Birger Wathne <>
Thomas Wardman <>
"Bruce Cheng \(hotmail\)" <>
Steve Boronski" <>
Leo Crombach <>
Stuart Whitby <>
Kevin Buterbaugh" <>
Leo Knyshov <>
Karl Vogel" <>


Andrew Watkins

> I have nearly come to the end of looking at backup software and have decided
> to recommend to my manager Solstice Backup (Legato 5.5.1 rebadged).
> - Veritas did not work well with non barcode libraries.
> - ArcServeIT great for Windows, but slow for UNIX boxes.
> Solstice backup is one version behind the latest Legato 5.5.2, but since
> the price of Suns version was even cheaper the the NT Legato 5.5.2
> [Unix version 10000 pounds) the version difference did not seem a major
> Or does it?
> With not much help from sun support it looks like Solstice backup does not
> support Windows 2000, so how can I recommend it now when it may be out of
> soon.
> Is anyone doing Windows 2000 backups, using Solstice?
> I am not sure what Sun are up to with this software, since it does not look
> they will produce a new version soon. Also, if you are using Solstice Backup
> you hoping that you will not need to go to Windows 2000?!?
> Again, it looks like I am forced to turn to NT to do our backups. Yet
> NT box doing work which should be done by UNIX. The NT people and Bill must
> very happy. Carry on the good work Sun:-(

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