[SUMMARY] How to manage several servers from one physical localti on..

From: Manesh, Nasser (CAP, PTL) (Nasser.Manesh@penske.com)
Date: Mon Jul 10 2000 - 13:14:10 CDT

Thanks to all those who answered, far more than I can count here. It seems
that I was not missing anything ;-) and the correct way of doing it is using
a terminal concentrator... And from what I received, it seems that
Lightwave Communication products are pretty popular (www.lightwavecom.com).

And just a clarification: I do not need to run X on them because they are
all servers. But, not running X (server) and not having a GX card does not
have anything to do with running X clients on those machines. All I need is
a workstation somewhere, with an X server. Then I can telnet to any of the
servers, set my DISPLAY and run any graphical application from those
servers... This is why X is so great! So even you have GUIs for managing
some stuff on your server, you do not necessarily need a graphics card on
the box.


>Hello everybody,
>We are in the process of buying a bunch of rack-mount Sun servers, and we
>need to manage them from one console. I have never done this before, and
>assumption was that we should buy a terminal concentrator and connect them
>all through serial interface, and use telnet. Sun told us today that we'd
>better buy graphics cards for all of them, and use a monitor/kbd switch.
>I'm sure a lot of you have done a similar thing before... Am I missing
>something? What's the most usual way to do this "single-console"
>Thanks a lot.

> Nasser K. Manesh
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