SUMMARY: ultra2/solaris7 doesn't reboot

From: Bernt Christandl (beb@MPA-Garching.MPG.DE)
Date: Mon Jul 10 2000 - 04:55:56 CDT

Hello managers,

i had problems rebooting my ultra2 under solaris7, see the original
question at the end.

To my disappointement i was not able to find the real cause of the
problem. I *think* that some binary has been damaged (but which? and why?).

My solution was to make an "upgrade installation" of solaris 7 from CD
and then apply the most recent mandatory update from sunsolve (www).
After that the machine booted again.

The only "symptom" of the problem i could find, was that with the problem
my screen-output (via terminalserver OR to a serial-terminal OR to
an original Sun graphics console monitor) looks as if after the message

   configuring network interfaces: hme0.

the program "has forgotten" that <LF> "means" <LF><CR> so that only <LF>s
were written to the screen and no <CR> occurred after that.

My thanks again to all of you who took time to make suggestions
how i could overcome my problem!

With regards,

Bernt Christandl

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My original question:

Hello managers,

this morning i tried to connect another external disk to my ultra2, running solaris7. The "init 0" worked fine, but since then i'm not able to boot the machine again.

I seem to remember such a question on this list some weeks ago, but i can't find it in the archives... :(

About 2 weeks ago i got the (then most recent) recommended patchcluster from sun (from the web), installed it and could reboot my ultra2 without problems. I did not see any problems since then.

Now the "boot" or "boot -fl s" hangs after the system "says" "checking filesystems" and stated that they were all clean.

This is true also for my last try, where i disconnected all external disks.

What can/should i do next? I'm out of ideas at the moment (aside from re-installing solaris, which i would like to avoid)

Bernt Christandl

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