SUMMARY: SunPci Card

From: Rigoberto Treviņo Mendoza (
Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 15:56:38 CDT

Thank you all for your fast replies.

The problem is just because of the video config,
cecck this out:

>From Matthew Stier
For more information, read the ColorMap FAQ. You don't mention which
generation of Ultra-5 you are using.
What you are mentioning, sounds like a colormap flashing problem, which
is typical of the first generation Ultra-5's with their PGX (not PGX24
or PGX32) framebuffer.

The PGX framebuffer is an 8 bit framebuffer, capable of display only 255
colors out of a pallet of 16 million.

For more information, read the ColorMap FAQ.

>From Daniel Luechtefeld
yes. this is called "color flashing", and it occurs when your
graphics adapter is displaying an insufficient number of colors to
be used by both CDE and the SunPCi environment simultaneously.

you might wish to look at increasing your display's color depth. for
info on this see the man pages for "m64config" and "ffbconfig".

From, Gerard HENRY
Try xwininfo, i think you are in depth 8 bits, instead of 24 bits.
there is no link with sunpci!
you can change depth with m64config

Thanks, Great List!

Rigoberto Treviņo Mendoza

Original Question

Hi list,

I have a SunPCi card installed on an Ultra 5
with Solaris 7 and the latest O.S. patches.

The media that came with the card has the
1.2a version of the sunPci drivers. I found
a newer version (1.2.1) at
and that is which I installed.

When I run ./sunpci it opens a new window and
starts booting (just as it supposed to be), but
when I move the mouse pointer over that window,
the CDE screen changes it's colors, for an ugly
yellow and blue combination.

Is this a normal behavior?

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