SUMMARY: Problem with Solstice Backup 5.5.1

From: Detlev Habicht (
Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 04:07:59 CDT

Hi all,

my question was:

  We are running Solstice Backup 5.5.1 Turbo/10 in a network.
  Main server is a host with Solaris 7.

  I have an effect while cloning volumens or save sets i don't understand.

  When i start cloning i can read a message with for example a text like
  cloning 90 GByte. This is okay. I know i have selected 90 GByte data.

  But on the cloning tapes are only for example 45 GByte on two tapes.

  We are using a single DLT4000 as cloning device and i have to change
  the tapes here manually. The time between changing the tapes maybe
  one hour (when the first tape is full). The normal device is an
  autoloader also with a DLT4000. I think, both devices are running
  in compressed mode (this means here 40 GBYte data on every tape).

  Is it right when i have to clone 90 GBYte i need also 90 GByte of place
  on the cloning tapes? (So i have a problem? Any hints to solve it?)

  How can i check the content of a cloning tape?

  How can i access a cloning tape when the original tape is not expired?

Well, only one answer. I do now the cloning in little steps. Host by host
and also the large filesystems in single runs and
not as one job. It looks now okay. The
amount of data on the cloned tapes has now the right size. May be this
is a bug. It is not nice to do the cloning in this way.

I have no hints for the other questions. I will check the cloned tapes when
the default tapes are reused.

Thanx to

Parag Chaudhari <>


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