SUMMARY: E250: console on ttya doesn't work

From: Gerard Henry (
Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 03:20:08 CDT

Thanks to all who responded.

Nandkishor Kale
Lefteris Skapetis

I wrote:
> Hello,
> i receive an new E250, and i configure it from a console on ttya
> (because we have no graphic card).
> But when system reboots configured, we can't logging, and the serial
> console doesn't accept input!
> i use a simple cable with pin 2,3,7, and i plug it on my ttya ultra 5.
> i see the booting messages of my E250, but if i type anything on the
> keyboard, it doesn't work.
> Can i force E250 to reboot and to give me prompt ok without no access?

and the response is:
sun has changed the main board and it works again! circuit is damaged.

and i i have the same problem on my Ultra5. It seems that the serial
ports get easily damaged, according to Lefteris Skapetis.

Here is the commands to test your serial port:
halt your machine, and when you get prompt ok:
ok setenv input-device ttya
it works only if you have no sun keyboard attached
to retrieve default parameters, press stop N when you power on.

Gerard HENRY

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