SUMMARY: Metaframe connectivity to a palmpilot.

From: Burke, Sean P SSI-ISEL-31 (
Date: Wed Jul 05 2000 - 03:46:42 CDT

No solution so far, but great insight into synching pda's.

Thanks to all the managers who have replied so far. You have nearly all
suggested excellent synch utilities for Solaris. Unfortunately, I have
obviously not been to clear with my question as you have all assumed I want
to sync with CDE applications, which is not the case.
My worksations are running metaframe client to an NT metaframe server, so
the unix users can still run windows apps, but not require a PC to do so. On
a windows metaframe client, there is the option to issue "net use Com4:
\\Client\Com1, to enable com port re-direction. I suppose this is what I am

Thanks again.

> Managers, bit of a longshot here, but a few of our users
> are binning their PC's and using Metaframe on their Sun
> workstations. A couple of users however have palmpilots,
> that they hotsync with outlook using the serial port on
> their PC's. Has anyone found a workaround to use the
> HotSynch option via a Sun workstation?

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