SUMMARY: jumpstart broken with solaris 8 (no more ;)

From: Adam Barclay (
Date: Tue Jul 04 2000 - 23:08:54 CDT

All sorted now .. Thanks to

Carl Brewer
Daphne Tregear
Kevin Colagio
Sean Quaint
Birger Wathne
Michael Watson

It was pointed out there's a script to create a Jumpstart server,
but I already had a working image (sans SUNWCprog and higher).

The solution is to run add_to_install_server (its in the Tools
directory of the second CD) and you should be away. Something like:

/mnt/Solaris_8/Tools/add_to_install_server /export/solaris8_cd1


        * There is a bug in the script if you nominate a relative
          path for the location of your cd image. It won't complain
          or fail to run, but it will assure you with a straight face
          that you've already copied all the packages.

        * The script doesn't work under pdksh. Not a problem for most
          but our jumpstart server is presently a laptop running
          FreeBSD, so ugly fudge required.

Ugly fudge:

If you discount package histories (may or may not be safe), do what
the meat of add_to_install_server does: copy the packages from Product/
on CD2 to Product/ on CD1. Then for each package, remove

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