SUMMARY: System hangs every 1-3 days

Date: Mon Jul 03 2000 - 12:56:46 CDT

Dear Sun Managers,

Thanks to all who responded. This problem had strange symptoms, and the
time interval between failures made troubleshooting difficult. I've
pruned my original slightly, and modified some of the values to reflect
the actuals more accurately.

The failed component was the Ross CPU Daughter Board. I swapped it
earlier today with another identical node, and the problem followed.
Prior swaps included the CPU Motherboard, Boot PROMS, and NVRAM chip.

My original query:

System hangs during normal operation: At the workstation, the windows
were still up in an OpenWindows environment, but no response from any
input. I was able to get a workspace menu and select a command tool
window. The window popped up, blank, and it would not take any
commands. I was unable to rlogin or rsh from any other node on the
network, but pinging the node returned "alive".

At the ok prompt, the "date" command returned "1/19/2038 03:14:07 GMT".
After typing boot at the ok prompt, the following messages were
displayed during boot:

"TOD Clock not initialized, check and reset the date"
"WARNING: Something is hung (won't die); ps axl advised"

The boot hangs after the following three lines are displayed on the

root on sd0a fstype 4.2
swap on sd0b fstype spec 65407k
dump on sd0b fstype spec 65388k

I was only able to boot to UNIX from a VT100 via the serial port, and
only with the "-s" option. Once in single user mode, the date command
returned Dec 13, 1901 20:47:00 GMT. Each time I did a reboot, the
date/time started over with the same values, which were different
between the UNIX date command (DEC 1901) and the FORTH date command (JAN

Finally, Setting the date to current time fixes everything and the
System will boot normally. It runs well for 1-3 days, and then hangs
again with basically the same symptoms, I occasionally get a "Clock
gained 13720 days" message. (I have to boot to single user to set the
date because I have no idea how to do it at the ok prompt. Anyone?)

System Specs:
SunOS 4.1.4
cpu = SUNW, SPARCsystem-600MP
mod0 = Ross, RT625 (mid = 8)
mod1 = Ross, RT625 (mid = 9)
mem = 256meg
arch -k = sun4m
Boot PROM version 2.14R

William R. Collins
JMF Site Rep, Lockheed Martin
Joint Maritime Facility, UK /
Office: 011.44.1637.853.608
Cell: 011.44.777.301.5765
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