SUMMARY: RAID software or hardware?

From: Antonia Gomez (
Date: Mon Jul 03 2000 - 11:11:19 CDT

My original question:

>I have a SUn 450 and I will use raid 5 . In the tecnic specification
said this machine implement raid by hardware, Is this true?

Thanks at all!
       Bill Armand, José Carlos Pérez Ramilo,John T. Douglass,
Vinay_Thakral, Birger Wathne , Bageshwar Kumar Sr.CSE, John Malick ,
Donelle Charles, Mohammad Matar , F.M. Taylor, Steve Widup.

Some answer are:

Not unless you have Sun's SRC/P hardware RAID controller. By default the
does software RAID with Disksuite, etc but needs the SRC/P controller
hardware RAID

That is not true. Unless you get one of the CPI based hardware RAID
controllers. Without that, you could use Solstice Disk Suite or Volume
Yes, hardware RAID 5 is an option but only if you have the correct SCSI

controller cards (DPT) installed and then only on the top two shelves
disks total). The bottom four disks are always JBOD. The RAID
are an extra addition and may come separately. Their installation is a
little awkward also. Also be aware, some drives have seating issues on

the new drive plane and need to be pushed in a little harder then


Antonia Gomez Gonzalez
FIB (Laboratori de Calcul) UPC

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