From: Lance Ison (
Date: Fri Jun 30 2000 - 16:37:03 CDT

Thank you to all that replied.

Last night the SUN FE replaced the SCSI controller for the disk, the
error messages I was getting have stopped.

Thanks again to everyone that replied.


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> From: Lance Ison
> Sent: Wednesday, June 28, 2000 8:59 AM
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> Subject: SCSI Errors
> Sun Managers,
> I was hoping someone could shed some light on a SCSI error, I am
> currently experiencing.
> The error I am getting is as follows:
> SCSI transport failed: reason 'unexpected_bus_free': retrying command
> WARNING: /pci@6,4000/scsi@3,1/sd@0,0 (sd45):
> From going to /dev/dsk I located the disk that is giving me the
> errors. After talking to my SUN FE, he came to the conclusion that the
> disk was bad. SUN came out and replaced the disk, the system sees the
> disk, I restored the data to the disk, and the system booted up fine.
> Unfortunately, I am still getting the messages in /var/adm/messages.
> We have noticed a relationship to when the system gets this error, the
> load on the system and CPU utilization goes up.
> Thanks for the help, summarization to follow
> Lance
> Lance Ison
> (408) 435-5708

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