SUMMARY: Solaris X86 MBR

From: Clive Elsum (Clive.Elsum@dar.CSIRO.AU)
Date: Thu Jun 29 2000 - 16:53:24 CDT

I found the summarizes all the
responses received.

Thanks to all who replied


Original question:

Hi All,

What is the sequence to recreate the Master Boot Record on a dual boot
system such that the Solaris boot manager comes up.
eg under windows fdisk /mbr linux /sbin/lilo Solaris?????

Solaris 8 Intel platform

Thanks in advance

Thanks to those who replied:
g'day, check for the installboot binary but the dual boot is the option
i'd worry about. installboot installs a boot block that is prob. hanging
around somewhere like /platform/386pc/xyz (I forget exactly) - I know
it is definately on the solaris 7 CD if not on a running system. At any
rate there may well be a special bootblock you copy with installboot
that has the dual boot stuff. Be careful !
I use System Commander. It makes your life easy for $50 US.
Install the Windows material first. Then install the other OS's
boot block over the Windows one.

Apart from that it doesn't matter. Linux and Solaris can boot each
others systems but I find Linux's lilo.conf the easiest to get

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