SUMMARY Changing font/size when printing with 'lp' ?

From: Peter L. Buschman (
Date: Thu Jun 29 2000 - 13:05:03 CDT

Well, as always, there's more than one way to do it:

The answers to my question came from the following people:

Ian Camm <> who suggested using 'enscript'

Waghode Sanjay <> who supplied the following command line:

>Hi ,
>Try this , you can reduce or increase these parameter for font size , line
>spacing , no of lines .
>lp -dPrinter -olandscape -ofs -ofp12.6 -ovsi5.7 -otl66 FileToPrint

Matthew Mauzy <> who suggested the following excellent

Try '/usr/lib/lp/postscript/postprint -x0.5 -s10' The -x sets the left
margin and -s is the font size.

"John Saalwaechter" <> who improved on the
above with:

>You may have already received this input, but use the postprint command.
>Here is a shell script I use for such purposes:
># file: custlp
># description: my custom lp
>LP="/usr/ucb/lpr -l"
>if [ "$1" ]
> for f in "$@"
> do
> echo "printing $f ..."
> $FOLD -w 80 $f|$PR -e4 -l$rows -o$offset -h "$f"|$POSTPRINT -s8
> sleep 3
> done
> $FOLD -w 80| $PR -e4 -l$rows -o$offset -h stdin|$POSTPRINT -s8 -l0|$LP
>(I have to use "lpr -l" to print postscript because all my print
>servers are NT.)
>John Saalwaechter

And last, but not least, myself. :) Through some further digging, the
solution I ended
up using was the excellent utility 'a2ps'

Kindest regards to everyone,

Peter L. Buschman

Peter L. Buschman
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