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From: Marianne BALANCHE (CRI) (
Date: Thu Jun 29 2000 - 04:29:51 CDT

Thanks so much to everyone who responded so quickly and helped to resolve my problem :

Roy Culley
Tony Baker
Mike DeMarco
Bertrand Hutin
Scott Kulp
Terry Franklin

The original question was :

>I have found this message in my log.
>Jun 27 03:01:56 etoile unix: WARNING: correctable error from pci0 (upa mid 0) during dvma write transaction
>Jun 27 03:01:56 etoile unix: AFSR=203800ff.00000000 AFAR=00000000.02000a80,
>Jun 27 03:01:56 etoile double word offset=0, Memory Module DIMM1 id 31.
>Jun 27 03:01:56 etoile unix: syndrome bits 38
>Jun 27 03:01:56 etoile unix: Non-memory-related Correctable ECC Error.
>Jun 27 03:01:56 etoile unix: ECC Data Bit 15 was corrected
>My data are saved exactly at this hour every night. So I thought that there was a problem with the tape but all the data have been saved >correctly on it (it's not the first time I use this tape).
>Anybody can explain what is wrong?
>The machine is an ultra 10 with solaris 2.7.

I received a lots of replies suggesting that I should replace the DIMM because my server have a memory problem
Roy Culley sent me a completed explication wich is the following :
"It looks like you have a memory problem. ECC, error checking and
correction, are extra bits used to check that the memory data is
ok and if not correct the faulty bits (normally only 1 bit can be
corrected). So in your case bit 15 of Memory Module DIMM1 id 31
is duff. I suggest you replace this DIMM."

Thanks again!


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