SUMMARY: Solaris to back up PC's

From: Seth Rothenberg (
Date: Wed Jun 28 2000 - 14:24:21 CDT

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Sun Managers
Thanks to the many people who have responded.....about 20 - list below!
The solution we are focusing on now is Samba and amanda.
Included in the Samba suite are smbtar - for backing up from the PC
to the Sun, and smbmount for mounting the PC drive on the Sun,
where it can be backed up.

Amanda has a smbclient module. Amanda was already on my list for this system

"Paul Galjan" <> sent me 2 e-mails, one with an example
"somethine like: smbclient file://$client/backupdir - Tc /device or file"
and the second mentioning the book....."Teach yourself Samba in 24 hours"

Others recommend Legatto Networker and Veritas Netbackup

Two people suggested Retrospect...
"Try Retrospect. We use it at home to back up our NTs, Solaris and Linux servers"

One person cautioned about samba....and I will look into this concern...
I might use Samba to create a File server, and get a PC Imaging tool as is used for CD's...

>>>You could use samba to access the remote PC's hard drive, but it will
>>>NOT be an image copy, and doesn't handle open files. <<<<<<<<<< !!!!!!!!!!!!
>>>IMHO, that's going to be a nightmare to manage. IBM's ADSM handles NT, but not 95.
>>>(ADSM is now done by Tivoli under a different name.) Legatto is VERY expensive.

>>>I know it's not the solution you are looking for, but we found the most cost effective
>>>solution was to have an NT server, a AIT-2 drive, and Retrospect software.
>>>It's all commecial, but it works awesome.

Thanks to:
"Paul Galjan" <>
Bill Fay <>
"Litwin, Gary" <>
Stephen Johnston <>
Bertrand HUTIN <>
Richard Bond ( (206) 605-3561
Nathan Dietsch <>
Brett Lymn <>
"Stephen Haigh" <>
"Toby A. Rider" <>
"Bill Casti, CQA" <>
Walter Reed <>
Don Cary Grant <>
Matt Reynolds
Dave McFerren
Mike Salehi
BAUMLER Julie L <>
Tim Evans
Parag Chaudhari <>

Seth Rothenberg
Bronx, NY

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