System date roll-back; summary

From: Davidson, Joseph C. (
Date: Wed Jun 28 2000 - 13:02:13 CDT

Esteemed gurus;

Thanks to all who responded to my inquiry regarding procedures to roll back
a system date; to re-install the OS (as per Sun's recommendation), or simply
roll the date back, reboot, and do some file cleanup.

The response was overwhelmingly in favor od simply rolling the date back,
cleaning up any accounting files in /var/adm, touching any forward dates
files, and Bob's your uncle. We did so, and to date have encountered no
problems at all. We did take the precaution of a backup prior to the
rollback, of course.

Again, thanks to all who responded; I apologize for not posting this

Joe Davidson
UNIX System Admin
Ameritech Advertising Services

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