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Date: Wed Jun 28 2000 - 09:42:19 CDT

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Thanks to Betrand Hutin and Greg Polanski (and anyone else who might
have replied that Ididn't see.)

They both pointed me to the Sun Workshop software kit, and Bertrand
pointed out that the two packages I was going to need, SUNWste and
SUNWlicsw were both found on the Workshop 5.0 cd.

Thanks again, it was the only cd that I hadn't looked on yet.

Original message follows:

> Hey gurus:
> I need to load a package that I didn't get (for some reason) when I
> loaded Solaris 7. I know that I customized my installation to try to
> keep my server fairly lean, but now I've discovered that I need a
> certain package
> SUNWste
> to use license management software for Applix. My other servers have
> SUNWste, but I can't get any info on it. I was thinking that it may
> a part of SUNWlicsw, the Flexlm package, but I can't even find the
> SUNWlicsw package on any of my cdroms.
> HELP!! If anyone happens to know where I can find SUNWste or
> on any of the install discs, I'd appreciate the pointers. It has to
> a part of the 7 install, because I haven't loaded anything else on a
> couple of my servers that are showing it.
> Thanks

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