[SUMMARY] (2) Netscape lists?

From: Manesh, Nasser (CAP, PTL) (Nasser.Manesh@penske.com)
Date: Tue Jun 27 2000 - 15:05:15 CDT

Thanks to those who sent me replies after I posted the first summary about
Netscape server products mailing lists, including but not limited to:

Jonathan Burelbach, Matthew Fansher, Gary Trail, Dave Floyd, Buddy Lumpkin,
Timothy Peterman.

Apparently the only list available is this:

There is a netscape server-related list run at "lists.veritel.com.br"
called "nes-managers-l"

Its a majordomo list, so use the usual majordomo subscribe method by
sending an email to "majordomo@lists.veritel.com.br" with the line
"subscribe nes-managers-l" in the message body.

Also, "line printer" mentioned these resources, that can be useful:






And other resources mentioned:


http://help.netscape.com/ (Netscape Tech Support pages)

news://secnews.netscape.com (secure news server
on port 563)? This contains several
newsgroups that would probably be of
interest to you, including "netscape.server".


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