SUMMARY: Problem: NIS setup doesn't allow CDE logins

Date: Tue Jun 27 2000 - 14:03:52 CDT

Thanks to those that replied. The suggested fixes were checking directories and
checking the nsswitch.conf config. I'd played around with these enough to know
that it wasn't them. I fully patched the system and rebooted it but with still
no success. (It's Solaris 7 on Sparc BTW)

The reboot revealed a couple of other problems such as the nfs server not
starting even though there is dfstab entries.

What I did do was kill dtlogin and run it in debug mode, and it worked straight
away!! Bloody!

The dtlogin starts in S99 which is after nis (S73) so I can't see how restarting
dtlogin would have worked. Any ideas?

As an aside but possibly related, I notice that the CDE login screens varied
before I set up NIS but are now all the same. What file sets the properties for
the CDE login prompt?

Matt on 06/26/2000 09:31:48 PM

cc: (bcc: Matt J Carter/FSG/CSC)
Subject: Problem: NIS setup doesn't allow CDE logins


I've setup NIS on a 3 machine network. I've set up one master and two clients.
I am only initially using NIS for passwd maps.

Access to the 3 machines is through an NT based X-client? emulator?
(Hummingbird Exceed)

My problem is I can log into all the machines using telnet but I can only log in
through CDE (X-Client) on the two clients, not on the master.

All my nsswitch.conf files (even on the master) are using files then nis for
passwd and group (and the rest except netgroup).

I've left all the default users as local (ie. in /etc/passwd) and put all real
users in /var/yp/passwd (& shadow).

I've appended a + to the system passwd & shadow files (but is this needed?)

Any suggestions greatly appreciated. I will summarise.


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