SUMMARY: qfe instances in /etc/system

From: Ravi Channavajhala (
Date: Tue Jun 27 2000 - 12:24:23 CDT

Some of the replies suggested ndd. I am already aware of
this, however I wanted to do this from /etc/system using
set qfe:<PARAM>=<VALUE> for each instance. Obiously, some
people didn't seem to notice what I'm actually asking for
or didn't read my post completely.

Couple of the replies indicated that there is no way to do this
with /etc/system and endorsed my idea of rc2.d script or
suggested using the /kernel/drv/qfe.conf. So, the
consensus is use a start script from rc2.d. Thanks to all
who replied, especially to and who were to the point.


My original post:

> Is there a way to set 'each' qfe instance to specific mode in the
> /etc/system? Currently, it is all or nothing, a set qfe:<option>=value
> in /etc/system applies across the board.
> Or is my only option to do something like a rc2 script to set
> the desired modes for each instance?
> It would be real nice to set the options before the link is
> 'actually' up. Thanks.
> -ravi

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