SUMMARY: jumpstart problems: "mismatched version of /boot interface"

From: Craig Raskin (
Date: Tue Jun 27 2000 - 10:56:39 CDT

On Tue, 27 Jun 2000, Craig Raskin wrote:

> I am trying to get a jumpstart server which is currently serving out
> Solaris 7 perfectly to also serve out Solaris 6. I copied the
> Solaris 6 cd on the system drive with a `setup_install_server`. I
> then created a new entry in /etc/bootparams to try to jumpstart a
> machine with the Solaris 6 OS. To create this entry I simply
> copied a known good entry and replaced the "root=" and "install=" to
> point to the correct Solaris 6 directories.
> When I try to "boot net - install" the client, it finds the root
> server and mounts the root directory which is the correct location
> based the messages sent to the console. It then dies with a:
> panic - boot: mismatched version of /boot interface: new boot, old kernel
> I know I must be missing something really stupid on this one but
> can't figure it out.

It was caused because I was not using add_install_client to modify
/etc/bootparams. Because of this, it was picking up an old boot
image in the /tftpboot directory. Running add_install_client
overwrote the old files with the new ones and allowed the system
to boot up.

Thanks to the following for the help:

Casper Dik <>
Arthur Darren Dunham <>
Daphne Tregear <>

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