SUMMARY: Urgent problem with U60 Clone

From: Jan-Olaf Droese (
Date: Tue Jun 27 2000 - 05:45:15 CDT

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Thanks a lot for all the fast replies to my post. Sadly, they didn't
help us solving the problem. Of the two broken machines, one booted
again after dozens of power-down/power-up cycles. Since then it has
been running fine for four days now. The other machine is currently on
the way to our supplier for repair.

I should have stated more clearly in my original post that both
machines were in operation before. The problem occured after powering
them down due to an exchange of a UPS.

All replies suggesed that we probably have some sort of hardware problem.
Someone mentioned seeing these messages with improperly inserted memory
chips and also with incorrect pin-outs on a terminal connection to the
console port. This is not the case here, the message is also displayed
without memory installed and the terminal works fine.
Others suggested trying the various test commands in OBP. We did that
before posting, but were not able to use them to localize the problem.
with 'diag-switch? true' the machine would either stop at the floppy
test with a watchdog reset or go in an endless loop displaying a
register dump and starting the test all over again. We also reset the
OBP values to default (even if we didn't change them), but that also
did not help.

If I will ever find out the real reason for the problem, I'll post a
second summary.


The original question was:

Dear Sun-Managers,

we've got two Ultra 60 clones (but with the original SUN motherboard),
which won't boot anymore.

All they say is

        Watchdog Reset
        Externally Initiated Reset

and display the OBP ok prompt. This happens both when powering them on
an when entering `reset' at the ok prompt. After that, there are no
SCSI-controllers found (tried probe-scsi and test scsi), so it won't boot.

Does anyone have an idea what could be the reason for this message?
Any piece of hardware we could try to change? I've already exchanged the
CPU modules, but this doesn't help. Since here are public holidays today,
I can't ask our supplier.

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