SUMMARY: Ultra10 Keyboard Backspace & Up Arrow key

From: Brown, Melissa (
Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 14:21:26 CDT

Wow! Quickly fixed... I just needed several people to point out that I was
probably using an expanded shell like tcsh on the other systems. I am!
(But I wanted to change them so that root used the /bin/sh instead, so
didn't do that on the new one)

>From now on, I tcsh, I tcsh, I tcsh

Use a shell like tcsh, bash, ash, or zsh
Make sure you include the shell in your /etc/shells file

Thanks to all the great help, the comments all follow!
Tim Evans
Gabriel Rosenkoetter
David Evans
Russ Poffenberger
Oliver Hemming

Are you using a shell which supports such (i.e., tcsh)?
I thought the "up arrow" key only worked to give you the last command for
tcsh, not csh?
Try using a shell that actually has command history (ash, bash, tcsh,
zsh), or learn about csh's ! history manipulation (it's in The Fine
Yes. I'll bet you were using tcsh on the other machines and using csh
on the new machine.
Command line recall is NOT a standard shell feature. You need an expanded
like tcsh.

See the ftp archives at for free software.
get bash... you can download it from:
I'm sure you know not to make it root's default shell though :-)

-----Original Message-----
I've got an Ultra 10 that I'm installing with Solaris 2.6. It's almost
ready to come online, but it has some annoyances I don't know how to fix!!
I haven't had to do anything special on the other systems (Sparcs and an
Ultra 1), running the same version OS.
When logged in as root, and csh'd or not, the backspace key does the garbage
thing (I know how to fix that, although I haven't had to put it in .login or
.cshrc), but what I really want to fix is the "up arrow" key.
When I press the "up arrow" to go through the last commands that I've used
with that logon, I get garbage!
Anyone know how to fix that???
I promise to summarize.

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