SUMMARY: Mail software survey ?

From: Imre Kolos (
Date: Sat Jun 24 2000 - 10:42:20 CDT

Original question:
I got curious after this last virus fraud about just what mail software
do (or have to) Sun-Managers use. Partially because although I'm still
on 100 percent genuine UNIX solution, I have to battle to keep it this
way. (It turns out I'm the lucky!)

I thank that fifty sun-manager who were kind to send me information on
their mail software configurations, often experiences with those and even
more. I also thank the rest of the list for their patience, I got no
flames, although such a survey is not really one of the "time-critical
questions about Sun system management problems that are not answered in
the manuals or system documentation, or in the Sun-Manager's FAQ." the
list is here for. Ok, this was my last survey.

The result.
Although we manage Suns (or UNIX) by profession we are often not allowed
to use our preferred messaging gear. Company policy or a boss with bad
taste overrules and then "resistance is futile" as perhaps was best
expressed by Chan:

> We have Exchange.
> We use Outlook.
> We are using PC.
> We are assimilated.



[I got lots of info, if you are interested in the details
or prefer pies see:
the StarOffice sheet is also available there:
(Geocities does not allow .sdc extension) ]

Sendmail 24
Ms Exchange 15
Lotus Notes 3
Mozzila (Mac) 1
Exim 1

8 manager mentioned dual desktop (dual head or desktop+laptop), I
counted duals as separate entries:

NT/W9x 23
Mac 3

Mail clients are really heterogeneous, Outlook is on top !

Outlook 12
Netscape 9
Eudora 3
dtmail 3
Lotus Notes 2
Elm 1
Xemacs 1
groupwise 1
mailtool 1
mush 1


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