SUMMARY: PC virus attacks can affect Suns too.

From: O'Neal, Chris (
Date: Fri Jun 23 2000 - 10:29:29 CDT

Virus attacks on PCs running "Microsoft OS" are no longer "just problems for
NTadmin". Some virus now come with WORMS, and WORMS attack data regards of
OS. When a MS-PC is attached to a network with read/write access to data on
Suns via Samba, PC-NFS, or whatever, all that data is at risk.

Problem may be complicated by fact that MS-PCs are managed by one group or
groups while another group manages the data servers. In such a case the
"Unix group" might be held responsible for the data servers and the data
while "other group(s)" are held responsible for the entry points to the data
(MS-PCs). In this case the "Unix group" is completely relying on those
"other group(s)" to have their anti-virus acts together (yet management
still hold the "Unix group" responsible for the data those virus might

Remember SUN's old slogan, "The network is the computer!" Nothing has

I work in a mix shop, Sun SS2 to Sun UE5500 (I admin a portion of these),
PCs with different flavors of Microsoft OS (and Linux, and OS/2 and Be), HP
Unix (just as diverse as the Sun collection), mini-computers, and
main-frames. WORM virus are a threat to data on all boxes that have granted
read/write access to other platforms (ie that are networked with MS-PC that
shared shares). Since I am a SunAdmin'er that makes this type of virus my
problem regardless of the virus's source OS or app (Microsoft).

With the Suns I admin, I use Samba to push select files to PC shares (only
one-way to PCs). As such, my data is safe from WORMS from PCs. However
other Suns (which I don't admin) use Samba to share files with PC in a two
way direction. If there were to be some infection there, I don't know how
these SunAdmers would handled it. I don't know of any SPARC software that
can check files on a Sun for MS type viruses.

Chris O'Neal <>

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