SUMMARY: mismatched version of /boot interface: new boot, old kernel

From: Mike van der Velden (
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 20:12:11 CDT

Received one response, and it was bang on! Thanks Mr. Dunham!

It turns out to be a stupid sysadmin mistake. I was under the gun to
the system going, and after reading all sorts of posts over the past few
months regarding Solaris 2.6 and newer systems like E420Rs and Ultra80s,
I was convinced that was where my error lay. I never did take a step
and verify that everything else was correct.

To quote Mr. Dunham:

> Looks to me like you've got a 2.6 root filesystem mounted from your
> server, but you've booted from a 2.7 or higher inetboot file.

> That's easy to do if you've downgraded from a jumpstart server "by
> hand".

> I'd double-check that the wrong link isn't present in /tftpboot

That was it exactly. I had forgotten to change the link in /tftpboot.
Thanks again!

BTW, only received one vacation notice and two bounces. That's a vast
improvement over recent history.

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Mike van der Velden wrote:

> I'm trying to jumpstart an E420R with Solaris 2.6 5/98. Its obp is > version 3.23 > > The system has successfully been running Solaris 7 for a couple of > months, but for various reasons I have to downgrade to Solaris 2.6. I > am aware of the need to use the "modify_install_script" that comes on > the Operating Environment Installation CD, dated September 1999. I have > followed the advice of Mr. Arthur Darren Dunham from his summary dated > Feb 21 (Jumpstarting 420R with 2.6) and the advice of Mr. Andrew Kyle > from his summary dated April 11 (jumpstarting 420R's). However, I seem > to have come up with an error that is neither in the Sun Managers > archive nor in the SunSolve database: > > Rebooting with command: boot net - install > Boot device: /pci@1f,4000/network@1,1 File and args: - install > 23a00 hostname: mensa > domainname: localnis > root server: sol > root directory: /sys/install/sun/arch/sparc-5.6 > panic - boot: mismatched version of /boot interface: new boot, old > kernel > Program terminated > {1} ok > > Doing a bit of digging, I noticed that my original Sol2.6 image had > patch 105181-11 installed, and the modify_install_script installs > 105181-10 over top! I thought patchadd was smart enough to skip the > install if a newer patch was already installed. Anyway, following the > advice of Infodoc 21571, "Adding a Kernel Patch to a JumpStart > Installation Boot Image", I did a patchrm to remove 105181-10 from the > install image, and did a patchadd to install 105181-19. I also made > sure that the directory > /sys/install/sun/arch/sparc-5.6/Solaris_2.6/Patches was up to date with > the proper version of this patch. No luck. I still get the same error. > > Anyone know what the error "mismatched version of /boot interface: new > boot, old kernel" means and how to fix it? > > I need to get this system going soon. My workaround will be to install > from local CD, but that is not the fix I'm looking for. > > Thanks in advance, and unlike some freeloaders who've joined this list, > I do summarize my solutions.

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