SUMMARY: VIRUS & Unsubscribe problems

From: Marco Greene (
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 11:00:57 CDT

Hi all,

In keeping with the true spirit of this list, I am taking the initiative to
post a summary...which should end the discussion of the above topics. Now
please don't start sending "I concur" messages to the list as it will defeat
the purpose of this message. To answer the question you that some of you
must be thinking, no I don't have anything better to do....I am waiting for
a license so I can finish the install of a product at a customer site.

Over the past few days I have been noticing a lot of unsubscribe requests
and then people responding to the unsubscribe requests telling that these
people are idiots for breaking the rules and not reading the FAQs. In doing
so, you yourself are breaking the "rules". If you want to tell these people
that they are idiots, just send it to them (not to the entire list)and thus
keeping within the "rules" for this list. I don't know about the rest of
you but the only thing that I am getting when the message is being sent to
sun-managers-list is unsubsribe requests so if people don't send them, then
we won't keep getting them.

As for the VIRUS that came about. One message should suffice. If you have
noticed that someone sent out a virus by mistake, check the list..chances
are that people have already complained about it.

Hope I didn't step on anyone's toes here,
Marco Greene

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