Summary: changeing "From:" line

From: Mark Sutton (
Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 15:11:46 CDT

I think I can answer my own question,
        it seems mail sent to `sun-managers-list' is reflected without
changing the from line to `owner-sun-managers' where mail sent `sun-managers'
is. At least I hope so since I'm still recieving bounced mail (about 100 so
far) from the last mail.

Sorry about the wasted bandwith, Mark

On Wed, 21 Jun 2000, Mark Sutton wrote:

> I'd just be happy to know why the list server has started, in the last few
> months, to vasilate between putting
> "" on the "From:" line
> or the original sender? Is it a result of a "Return-Path" header?
> It's only happened the last few months.

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