[SUMMARY] Netscape lists?

From: Manesh, Nasser (CAP, PTL) (Nasser.Manesh@penske.com)
Date: Tue Jun 20 2000 - 15:58:42 CDT

Several people emailed me asking if I received anything on Netscape-related
lists. The only answer I received was from Michael DeSimone with this link:

> http://www.mozilla.org/community.html
> Mailing lists as well as newsgroups.

Thanks Michael. But this page contains lists related to the development of
Mozilla, which is far away from Netscape server products. I wished I could
see some links about Enterprise Server, iPlanet or NAS, Proxy Server, and
NDS. I believe these products are popular on UNIX and specially Solaris

If you find something related please let me know, adn I'll collect and post


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