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From: Jeff Kennedy (
Date: Tue Jun 20 2000 - 13:01:55 CDT

I did need something newer, and I also needed to look at the website and
not just the ftp site. On the web site under BIND and 8.2.2p5 there is
a link for the source as well the contrib and the docs. I only got the
source from the ftp site, not the contrib. I thought contrib was under
the source tree.

Thanks to:

Rick Berube Max Trummer
Richard Felkins Madhu Bandireddy
Raj Jangalwa Michael Sullivan


Jeff Kennedy wrote:
> This is less Sun and more DNS but there has to be a Sun admin out there
> who has seen this. I'm installing a new dns server and going from
> 4.8.something to 8.2.2p5. We have scripts that automate dns file
> population from the nis hosts file, it uses h2n on the dns server. I
> copied over the scripts and made all path/server adjustments and
> everything works fine. Except ...
> The h2n that we were using before apparently doesn't support the -v
> option, so everytime I run it it overwrites my version 8 conf file with
> a version 4 boot file. I checked my source for 8 and can't find the h2n
> script anywhere. The version I have now is dated 02/04/93 revision
> 1.16. I apparently need something newer.
> Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


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