SUMMARY: What type of cabinet can I use?

Date: Tue Jun 20 2000 - 04:38:03 CDT

The consensus was:

While "Sun" may have a problem with a non-Sun rack, no FE will disallow our
warranty - since we all know what the "proper" environment is in a data
centre is, right? ;)

If using a standard 19" cabinet, no problems should arise that can't be
fixed with a screwdriver, unless using an A1000 or an E450. And the big E
servers all move a lot of hot air, so make sure you have ventilation.

Specific to the Compaq rack, though, the door seems to get in the way. The
Sun rail kits require a 2"-3" protrusion past the front cabinet posts, and
the Compaq door is almost flush. Potential solutions are: redrilling the
rails to carry the server farther back (!); removing the doors;

In addition, almost everybody suggested and they seem to
have replacement rails that don't require modification, as well as cabinets
that have the doors in the "right" place.

I also found a vendor called G&A (, in the UK, that sells a
Sun certified cabinet for about half the price of a Sun cabinet.

Thanks - in order of appearance:
Merrell, Vince
Tony Baker
Francois Marcos
David Robillard
Paul Beltrani
Stuart Price
Jonathan Burelbach
Tom Jones


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Subject: What type of cabinet can I use?

I am been looking to add a cabinet to my client's lab. I am under the
impression that Sun only supports their hardware if it is properly racked
and ventilated. "Properly", of course, refers to a Sun cabinet, or a Sun
Certified cabinet. My cabinet has a Compaq rack that they want me to use
instead of spending 1500 pounds on a new cabinet.

Will the Sun rail kits fit properly in a Compaq cabinet? I assume that a
19", 4 point rack is pretty similar to any other, but has anybody tried it?
Does my client forfeit Sun support on their systems? I have asked my
vendor, and my Sun rep, but we all know what they say; I don't know if it is
true. I can see Sun being particular about a pile of servers in a closet,
but are they really particular about my brand of cabinet?

Thanks in advance; will summarize.

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