[SUMMARY] Luns per HBA limitations?

From: Arthur Darren Dunham (add@netcom.com)
Date: Sun Jun 18 2000 - 23:16:08 CDT

Original question:

> We're getting ready to deploy some EMC disks for several servers.
> Part of the design is to have one other machine view backup disks for
> all the other servers for backup purposes.
> Someone has suggested that there is a maximum number of luns that
> will be visible to a single Solaris HBA (we're using fiber).
> I haven't been able to find any limitations in the Solaris docs, but
> then I didn't really find any limitations mentioned. Has anyone run
> into this or know where I can get more information? I'll probably
> call Sun on it, but I'm going to need this fast before we finalize
> our design.

Well, I got a lot of responses, but they were all over the board from
"Yes", to "maybe", to "no". I decided to hold off on the summary until
I learned more.

There does not appear to be any such limitation on the Sun side of
things. Ther is a current limitation of 128 luns from a single EMC FA
(fiber adapater). So if you're going straight to a host in a loop,
that's all you can get on one card.

However, we're using a connectrix switch environment, and we can direct
multiple EMC FAs to one Solaris host and fiber card. It's not
completely in production yet, but it appears to work at this time. Our
design is saved!

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